Where we are

Dragon Project is situated on Velika Plaza, 800m from the right bank of river Bojana.


Dragon Project

It is a beautiful place for kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and relaxing in unspoilt nature.Velika Plaza is a 12km stretch of unbroken sandy beach, with dedicated areas for watersports and surrounded by wild nature.

The sailing in Ada Bojana is first-class. Light wind is typical for the morning and is ideal for learning kitesurf and windsurfing basic techniques, by noon the wind is strong enough for shortboard sailing and more advanced skills.

How to get here

Dragonproject has two stations. One is situated on river island, on the mouth of the river Bojana, lagoon next to the restaurant Barbana and other on Velika plaza, 800m from the west bank of river Bojana

When you come to the bridge, take the dirt road underneath the bridge past Mishko restaurant.Follow the dirt road until you reach the sea, turn right and follow the dirt road for 700m and you will see the Dragon Project flags.